Popular sex toys requested for meetings in Vehicles

The top 10 sex toy requests for outcall escorts are listed below. Sex toys can add different sensations to an appointment with an escort to spice things up. These top 10 sex toys are requested the most for escorts who go to outcall appointments.

We asked both clients who enjoy outcall appointments which allow them to have sex in their car, on their motorbike or anywhere else, what sex toys they like their escort to bring with them. Also, we asked the escort girls who offer these kinds of appointments what they often get requested to bring. Because of this, we have been able to put together a conclusive list of the top 10 requested sex toys for outcalls.

Escort having sex in car with client

A basic bondage set:

Which includes an eye mask, handcuffs, a flogger and a tickling feather. Even if a client does not want a bondage session, these toys are the most commonly requested for all outcall escorts.

Cock ring:

Which is a common requested toy for male clients to maintain an erection for a longer period. The escort will place the cock ring at the base of her client’s penis to restrict the blood flow from the client’s erect penis. Cock rings are one of the top 10 sex toy requests for clients who suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Anal toys:

To be used on the escort of the client. A butt plug, anal beads, anal dildos and prostate massager are all on the top 10 list. An outcall escort will always carry lubrication and condoms to use with the top 10 anal toys that have been requested.


To be used on the escort of client. These sex toys come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They can be used on the escort or the client to stimulate the vagina, anus or clitorus. Many vibrators nowadays are designed to stimulate the vagina and clitorus together. The Rampant rabbit sex toy vibrator is owned by all outcall escorts. It is considered an essential sex toy for any girl.


An escorts best friend will always be in the top 10 toy requests for outcall escorts. A dildo is a toy shaped like an erect penis. A dildo can be used on the escort’s vagina or anus or the client’s anus. Dildos can range in different sizes, widths, colours and materials.

Clitoral simulator:

Are fantastic toys for clients who want to watch their outcall escort massage her clitoris and orgasm. The outcall escort can perform a sex show for the client or he can get aroused using the clitoral stimulator on her.

Strap on:

Are enjoyed by many male clients. This is not a toy for gay men. The strap on toy is attached to a harness that the outcall escort wears around her waist. The strap on simulates a false penis worn by the escort. The client can then enjoy receiving anal sex with the dildo.

Massage oils:

Is an essential item for any escort. With varying smalls and fragrances, a sexy slippery massage can really enhance your pleasure with an outcall escort. Back massages are popular because most clients need to relax before sex. But massage oils can be used for hand and feet massages or a super sexy body to body massage.

Fantasy roleplay outfits:

There is not one specific outfit that is requested most for outcall escorts but in general, fantasy roleplay outfits are in the top 10 sex items requested for an escort. A client will need to inform the outcall escort beforehand which outfit he requires. Obviously, it is not practical for an outcall escort to take a full wardrobe with her to an outcall premises.

Magic wand:

Is a favourite sex toy for all outcall escorts, so they are very happy when their outcall requests it! It is a clitoral vibrator but can also be used as a deep therapeutic massaging device for clients with muscle ache.

All the top 10 sex toy requests for outcall escorts must be thoroughly cleaned for hygiene and health reasons. Remember S.T.D´s , bacterial and yeast infections can be carried on toys. If an outcall escort is sharing her toys with her clients always protect the toy with a condom. Always read the manufactures instructions on how to clean your toy depending on the material it has been made from. Clean your top 10 sex toys after every use with a client. Keep any vaginal sex toys away from anal sex toys to avoid spreading any bacteria.

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