What is dogging?

So, you have booked your chosen outcall escort but your funds do not stretch far enough for a hotel room too. Your parents or spouse are in your house and you are now in a bit of a predicament. You do not want to cancel your booking. Especially as you have been looking forward to spending time in the company of one of the most stunning escorts in the area. The big question now is what are you going to do?

What is dogging
If you do not mind a bit of exhibitionism. You could always participate in a bit of public sex. By this I do not mean take her to the nearest alley and have her perform acts on you like she were a prostitute. No! You have booked an escort who is of a higher calibre than that. One of the options available to you is to partake in dogging.

Dogging has gradually become part of the British sex culture. Since the 1950’s Brits have been indulging in this rather horny act. It basically involves two people willingly participating in public sex but inside the car. People tend to Dog during the night. It involves parking in a public place like an open air car park (definitely not a multi-story car park). And then having sex inside the car. It is suited to couples who do not mind having an audience. I say this because it is not like pulling up in a layby in a dark, secluded country lane. By wanting to partake in dogging, you are giving permission to voyeurs to watch you through your steamed up car window.

Having an audience is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to partake in sexual relations in privacy. However, if you are up for a bit of adventure, why not go with your escort in your car and give it a go? A lot of people get turned on knowing that they are being watched. Others, enjoy watching others pleasure themselves whilst they are in the throes of full blown hard sex. If the thought of this gives you a little tingle down below. Why not give it a go?

If you choose to explore this hedonistic way of indulging with your escort. You will be blown away with just how horny it can be. Just make sure that you choose the correct location. There are many places that Dogging occurs. But you do not want to have the local patrol knocking on your window! Here at our escort agency we can inform you of certain locations where dogging occurs without being too public. Also, we can let you know what nights are the nights to go. There are unspoken etiquette rules of dogging like specific nights of the week are for homosexuals and others are for heterosexuals. Double check with us before you decide to take your escort and your car to one of these sites. We will let you know the rules to ensure that your experience is one that will give you the most thrilling sexual experience.

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